SheMate: Elevating Female Student-Athletes

SheMate connects women in sports with the youth sports industry. SheMate has partnered with female student-athletes to provide more opportunities to make a lasting impact on young athletes.

The Deal

  • SheMate utilized Opendorse Opportunities to connect with female student-athletes seeking meaningful opportunities.
  • Their first campaign gave women in college sports a platform to share stories, form connections, and discuss problems and potential solutions of being a woman in the era of NIL through a 15-minute interview with the head of SheMate’s organization, Theresa Schmidt.
  • Through their second campaign, SheMate connected with student-athletes that wanted to mentor a group of young athletes for an hour to Zoom in on their chosen topic.
  • An additional campaign was run to gain attention to their secondary brand, VolleyOn, which has been focused on growing professional volleyball in the United States.

The Results

  • After receiving 1,200+ total applications, SheMate has sent deals to nearly 150 student-athletes across sports and divisions with multiple opportunities.
  • Hundreds of young athletes have been mentored by women in sports across multiple locations, sports, and demographics.



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