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Build something great with people you care about.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2012 by two former college football players, Opendorse is known as one of the best in athlete marketing. In addition to being the best at what we do, we’re known for being one of the best places to work. Even Inc Magazine would have to agree. But what makes working here so special?


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“Opendorse is a company I have respected since its early days. From the outside, it seemed like a place with good people that had a big, collective vision and clearly defined purpose. Then I started working at Opendorse and quickly learned everything I imagined was absolutely correct.”

Grace Duggan

Jordan Trinklein

Scrum Master

“It’s not common, at least in my experience, to feel like a part of the team from Day 1. I can say with 100% authenticity that Opendorse was that for me. There’s such an energy coming from each and every talented individual that works here.”

Caris Levert

Kelsey Ostendorf

Director of Customer Success

Opendorse has one of the best cultures I’ve ever experienced. It is established by our leadership team and cultivated by every individual throughout each department. Our core values are a priority and guide us on a daily basis. Everyone is always working together to achieve goals and follow our mission. Opendorse has truly built something great with the people we care about.

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Adi Kunalic


Blake Lawrence


Taylor Asmus

Head of People

Abbie Giffin

VP of Product

Derek Peterson

SVP of Operations

Michael Steiner

Executive VP of Marketing

Tommy Vacek

Chief Technology Officer

Katie Hoffman

General Counsel

Zach Alpern

Athlete Analyst

Brandon Barnes

Senior Account Manager

Lisa Bregman

Director of Campaigns

Ellis Clopton

Support Specialist

Dave Dudney

Manager - Athlete Relations

Jeff Harris

Senior Account Manager

Emily Jarvis

Campaign Manager

Braly Keller

NIL Specialist

Kaci Long

People Generalist

Tucker McHugh

Campaign Manager

Daniel Mickells

Account Manager

Pat Moore

Support Specialist

Mike Murakami

Director of NIL Collectives

Kelsey Ostendorf

Director of Customer Success

Linda Riley

Campaign Manager

Alex Wach

Athlete Analyst

Jake Williams

Account Manager

Tyler Winterstein

Senior Accountant

Dan Boswell

Senior Account Executive

Bri Cassidy

Director of NIL Education

Marissa Cassidy

Account Executive

TJ Ciro

SVP of Strategic Partnerships

Amanda Drapeau

Graphic Design - Layout Specialist

Jenny Green

Senior Account Executive

Sydney Large

Social Media Manager

Brian Maki

Executive VP of Sales

Kyle McCrudden

Senior Director of Brand Partnership

Jason Napierski

Director of Product Marketing

Tim Pederson

Senior Director - Sports Properties

Haley Pembroke

Marketplace Coordinator

Blake Schaben

Graphic Design - Digital Specialist

Andrew Shapiro

Account Executive

Julian Valentin

Head of Brand Marketing

Grayson Wagner

Sales Planner

Sam Weber

Sr. Director - Corporate Marketing

Elizabeth Wyman

Communications and PR Specialist

Michael Zoerb

VP Channel Partnerships

Buddy Agyin Jr.

Junior Software Engineer

Erica Boyle

Product Designer

Alex Brignac

Quality Assurance Analyst

Julia Butler

Product Manager

Connor Dean

Software Engineer

Jessie Doan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Anthony Duren

QA Lead

Cole Easterday

Software Engineer

Richard Ferreira

Software Engineer

Bobby Gagnon

Software Engineer

AJ Gebara

Junior Software Engineer

Tucker Hochstein

Software Engineer

Ethan Horne

Product Manager

Brice Johnson

Senior Software Engineer

Shannon Medcalf

Senior Software Engineer

Brody Murphy

Scrum Master

Santi Murtagh

Software Architect

Krista Odbert

Product Manager

Jason Rieber

Engineering Manager

Ivonne Roche

Senior Data Engineer

Dave Pike

Cloud Engineer

Brett Probert

Software Engineer

Ryan Thies

UX/UI Designer

Alex Tobias

Software Engineer

Jordan Trinklein

Scrum Master

Luke Walz

Software Engineer

Dalton Wignall

Senior Software Engineer

Katie Wilkins

Account Manager

Christian Wilson

Senior Product Designer

Andrew Zessar

Software Engineer

Steve Zinn

Engineering Manager