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Our first user was a professional athlete. Our second user was his agent.
From day one, we’ve built our technology to help agents do more for their clients in less time.

List, negotiate, and approve deals with our athlete profiles, automated approvals, and payment solutions – making Opendorse the only endorsement management tool you’ll ever need.


List your roster.

 Maximize value. Connect athletes with 1,000+ brands to promote products and services in one online platform.

Athlete Solutions


Shield your athletes.

Protect athletes. Gain visibility into transactions to give oversight and assure compliance, all in one secure platform.


Fulfill your endorsements.

Represent success. Help athletes own their narrative by supplying on message media they can approve in one-tap.

Athlete Solutions


Better your talent.

Understand earning potential. Provide clients with brand value assessments, online courses, and resources from industry experts in one athlete-centric portal.

Marketing Reps

Increase opportunities with added visibility for clients.

Contract Agents

Boost efficiency by automating approvals in one platform.

Talent Agencies

Streamline endorsements for every client.

Opendorse Gets Sports Agents

Ahmad Nassar

Ahmad Nassar

OneTeam Partners

“Our players and business partners have embraced Opendorse to share content on social media. As player-driven marketing becomes prevalent, we have no doubt Opendorse will continue to be extremely valuable to the NFLPA, the players, and our partners.”

Grace Duggan

Grace Duggan

Media Strategist
Illinois Athletics

“I love this platform and the value the company puts on making the day-to-day grind of our jobs easier is unmatched. You are saving people at least 20 hours a week sending photos individually and we were able to add content sharing to our 15 other sports outside of football and men’s basketball.”

Caris Levert

Caris Levert

Indiana Pacers

“It’s exciting to see the NBPA take the next step to help the players and brands work together. As NBA players, we are always juggling different obligations and having a tool like Opendorse to streamline the process of working with brand partners makes our lives that much easier.”