Everytable: Connecting with Local Athletes Through Opendorse Opportunities

Everytable is a restaurant that offers healthy and nutritious food options through in-store service, in-store pick-up, home delivery, and catering. Everytable connected with Southern California athletes through Opendorse Opportunities.

The Deal

  • The requirements varied by athlete, but deals range from $50-$100 for an in-feed Instagram post, less for a Story.
  • Athletes located in Southern California were given a free Everytable meal at a store near them, a $25 store credit could be an in-store or online.
  • As part of the deal, athletes promoted a promo code that gave their followers 10% off their next purchase.


  • Everytable has had almost 1,000 applicants for their opportunities.
  • 17 athletes located in Southern California have completed or accepted the Everytable deal.



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