Muchachos: Small Business Makes Big Moves by Supporting Student-Athletes

Muchachos Restaurant and Food Truck Owner Nick Maestas created an Opendorse Deals™ account to pitch endorsements to Nebraska student-athletes, first connecting with two players before partnering with the Huskers offensive line to develop their own menu item.


Muchachos secured deals with women’s volleyball setter Nicklin Hames and football long snapper Cade Mueller. These sponsorships included food and a cash component in exchange for social media promotion. 

Muchachos partnered with the Nebraska offensive line to develop and promote the Pipeline Burrito. The Pipeline Burrito partnership includes food, merchandise, and a percentage of sales in exchange for social media promotion and other elements. 


+ There were over 600,000 combined Twitter impressions and 64,517 engagements from Huskers student-athletes, over 23x larger than their combined audience.

+ Muchachos sales saw a 104% increase week-over-week after the Nebraska press conference.

+ Muchachos was viewed on Google almost 169,000 times in less than a month.

+ The story led to national press in Business Insider and The Athletic.

+ The partnerships led to potential investment opportunities in Muchachos.


“Opendorse helping small businesses like Muchachos partner with local student-athletes is changing the game. Not only do we get some of the best athletes to rep our brand, we get to fill their pockets with cash and their bellies with smoked meats! We see this as a partnership that’s mutually beneficial to both parties: We want them to make bank and we want to sell a stadium full of Hatch Mac Burritos. At the end of the day, it’s about getting student-athletes well-deserved compensation for their NIL.” –Nick Maestas 



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