Writing the Perfect Opendorse Deals™ Brief

When connecting with a potential athlete partner via Opendorse Deals™, writing an effective brief can make or break a brand’s chances of acceptance. Follow these steps to write a strong brief in Opendorse Deals™.  

Research Partners 

Before pitching any deal to a partner, consider the specific athlete and/or type of athlete with whom you would like to do business. Along with their influence and social media following, think about their interests, sport, team or institution, race or ethnicity, gender, hometown and all other factors that make each athlete unique. 

After researching potential partners, craft a deal they will be inclined to consider.

Determine a Clear Name  

Along with the brand’s name, the first thing an athlete will see in their deal notification is the name of the deal. Determine something that is clear and concise, but also captures attention and entices the athlete to read on with immediate interest. 

Organize the Brief into Sections  

An effective brief should be divided into sections, so it is easy to read and consider. The first paragraph should be a concise introduction that clearly outlines the overall objective of the deal. 

Subsequent section should include step-by-step instructions on how to properly execute the deal. Sections might include requested content, scripts, posting instructions and compensation. 

The best briefs will be written in outline format. 

Include Specific Detail  

Writing a detailed pitch will save time later as athletes will be less likely to follow up with questions if they fully understand the ask. Write more information than may be needed, erring on the side of over-communicating. 

Provide Options for Follow-Up  

A well-written pitch will be clear for the athlete and lead to few follow-up questions, but it’s important to prepare to help, which may also include conversing of the details of the deal. Provide various ways for the athlete to contact someone to discuss the opportunity. Encourage athletes to utilize the Chat function that appears on the deal pitch, coming with specific questions they may have. Additional information like email and phone number may be helpful. 

Sample Brief 

DEAL NAME: Rewards Program Video Message 

The objective of this deal is to let fans know about our new rewards program through your social media channels. 


Create a 15-30 second video that includes the following: 

+ Shoutout to our brand for the opportunity 

+ Discuss how you prefer and use our products. 

+ Specific mention of our new rewards app. 


Post to your Instagram Feed. Instagram Story does not count for this deal. 

+ Copy can be your choice but must include our Instagram handle (@ourhandle123). 

+ Post must include the hashtag #BrandPartner. 

+ Post must be made anytime between July 1-14. 


When Opendorse asks you “Did you complete this activity?” be prepared to provide proof of completion. This is needed for payment and compliance. For this Instagram Post, you can submit a screenshot or copy/paste post the URL. 


Our team is happy to answer any questions you have. First, you can hit the “Chat” function on the deal pitch and we will respond as soon as possible. You may also send us a direct message on Instagram (@ourhandle123), email support@brand.com or text our support line at (555) 123-4567. The Opendorse Help Center, which includes a live chat with a real person, can be accessed by tapping the question mark at the top of your account. 



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