Degree Deodorant®, Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrate five walk-on basketball student-athletes through NIL deals

Giannis Antetokounmpo knows what it’s like to be doubted. He knows what it’s like to have the odds stacked up against you. That’s why the two-time NBA MVP teamed up with Degree Deodorant® to celebrate five student-athletes that have made a career out of proving their doubters wrong.

The Campaign

  • Five walk-ons to receive $25,000 NIL deal
  • Join the 33 other student-athletes on the Degree Breaking Limits team

The Degree Walk On campaign recognizes five college basketball walk-on student-athletes who are pushing through barriers to achieve the collegiate athletic experience they always wanted.

Each walk-on received a $25,000 NIL deal to cover the costs and living expenses for one year of college. A professional mentor from Degree’s parent company, Unilever, will serve as a guide to each student-athlete as they navigate their remaining college years and post-graduation success.

Four of the walk-ons were announced at the launch of the campaign in early March, with Antetokounmpo stepping in to announce a nationwide search to find a fifth walk-on to join this Degree roster. Fans had the opportunity to nominate individuals by sharing their walk-on stories.

The fifth walk-on was revealed during the Men’s Final Four weekend in Houston.

The Athletes

Athletes posted to Instagram announcing their Degree partnership and then followed that with a day-in-the-life of a student-athlete Instagram reel.

The Support

The five walk-ons join the 33 student-athletes who are part of Degree’s Breaking Limits program, comprised of athletes from a range of sports, geographies, abilities, and backgrounds, who have all persevered to break through their own limits.

To increase awareness of the walk-on nomination, several former Breaking Limits partners joined in on Instagram.

The Walk On campaign is part of Degree’s larger brand mission to inspire the confidence to break barriers. Degree has committed more than $5 million over the last five years to inspire more people to move beyond their limits as part of its broader global Breaking Limits program.



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