Top Fan Deals of October

As fans enter arenas and stadiums across the country to support their favorite teams, there’s a crispness in the air. It’s one of the best times to be a college sports fan as October marks the beginning of crossover season. Supporters are locked into their favorite programs as fall sports start their playoff runs and winter sports creep onto the calendar, but the hustle and bustle of holiday season hasn’t yet begun. 

Schools across the country have continued to promote their NIL marketplaces powered by Opendorse, and fans are catching on. They are connecting with more and more student-athletes for NIL opportunities. Fans may know other NIL companies exist, but the Opendorse Marketplace is the only place where fans can jump in right away and send NIL deals directly to college. And student-athletes are grateful because the Opendorse NIL app makes their lives easier. They’re especially busy this time of year. They get a notification when a fan pitches a deal for requests like autographs, appearances, and video shoutouts. 

Let’s dive into the top fan deals of October.  

Jessica Mazo | UConn Women’s Soccer  

Athletes are leaders in their communities and can make a big difference to young fans who look up to them. Jessica Mazo from UCONN Women’s Soccer demonstrated what fan NIL is all about when she sent a video shoutout encouraging a young fan who was struggling with confidence. Mazo shared advice everyone can benefit from and was able to make a real impact through this opportunity. 

Porter Phillips | Oregon State Football 

Every student-athlete is going to remain a star in their hometown. Only about 7% of high school athletes play college athletics, so there is a good opportunity for student-athletes to receive long-term support from their local community. Porter Phillips from Oregon State Football was invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony in his hometown of Albany, Ore.  

Riley Weigelt | TCU Volleyball 

Autographs are on the rise as an NIL activity, accounting for 2.7% of NIL compensation and 1% of NIL activities through October 2022. Compare that to August 2022 when they accounted for just 1.7% of NIL compensation and 0.7% of NIL activities. It’s been steady growth and serves as an indicator of how fans are gaining a deeper understanding of NIL. Freshman Riley Weigelt from TCU Women’s Volleyball signed for a fan.  



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