Top Fan Deals of August

Sports media has been buzzing about NIL deals since last July. Legal implications of this new world have also become a topic of conversation. From NIL rules by state to high school NIL, changing legislation has framed the daily discussion. 

As athletes determine their strategy, write a brand statement, and begin to safely engage in NIL activities, the question becomes, “How do I get an NIL deal?” However, they’re not solely focused on “I want to be a Puma Athlete” or “I want to be a Reebok Athlete.” Athletes are learning about branding, reach, engagement, return on investment, and conversion metrics. 

Along with brand and sponsor activations, there is an emerging NIL trend of student-athletes directly connecting with fans. These fan deals create strong connections that can make an impact in the day-to-day lives of people who have been supporting programs for years. These deals are less about analytics and more about relationships.  

But how are connections made? 

NIL marketplaces can be a good entry point into the NIL world, but there are new NIL companies popping up daily. It can be confusing for athletes and their supporters. The Opendorse NIL Marketplace is the proven leader in connecting fans with the athletes they care about. It’s the platform where deals get done. Here are examples of fan deals that showcase the special power and potential of NIL. 

Check out our top 5 fan deals during the month of August.

Isabelle Bourne | Nebraska Basketball

Video shoutouts are a great way for athletes and fans to create a personal connection and they’re an NIL activity you can easily gift to someone. 

Check out this example of Nebraska Basketball star Isabelle Bourne giving a video shoutout to a young fan.  

Emma Jaskaniec | Wisconsin Soccer

Another way fans can connect with athletes in the NIL is through requesting autographs. Here’s one of many examples of how fans have received autographs from their favorite student-athletes.  

Badger Soccer star, Emma Jaskaniec was able to sign a ball for a fan after a game.  

Jasen Green | Creighton Basketball

Jasen Green from Creighton Basketball shared words of encouragement with a young fan before he started his first basketball practice. This one is a must watch!

Hunter Maldonado | Wyoming Basketball

The final video shoutout example is from Hunter Maldonado. He gave offered local middle school students words of encouragement and a warm welcome back to school.

Ben Carr | Georgia Southern Golf

Big moments often lead to attention. In the NIL era, attention can easily turn into deals. Ben Carr signed a ball for a fan after a big win.



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