Product Update: Opendorse Insights Dashboard™  

As part of our latest release, we are excited to introduce the brand-new Insights Dashboard for school partners. This new feature consolidates information on content, compliance, and marketplace performance while making it easier to track how your student-athletes are using Opendorse.  

All school partners have access to this dashboard as part of their Opendorse subscription.

Measuring marketplace performance 

A highlight of the new Insights Dashboard are the completed and pending deals tabs. Here you can find all sorts of information about how your school-specific marketplace is performing, including deal expiration, acceptance, and completion rates, along with detailed information on student-athlete earnings and pending deals.  

These tabs also include benchmarks to measure against, so you can quickly see how your athletes stack up. It also makes it easy to identify areas for improvement. For example, schools should aim to keep their expired deals percentage below 25%. 

Using data to help your athletes earn money

There are many ways to use your new Insights Dashboard to help athletes and make your day-to-day job easier. Here is a real example of one partner who was able to take immediate action using data from their Insights Dashboard: 

On a recent strategy call with an athletic director, we showed how athletes at the school had nearly $7000 in deals sitting in a ‘pending’ or ‘expired’ state. Since the dashboard shows the names of the athletes who are missing out on potential earnings, the athletic director was able to follow up with staff and reach out to each athlete and let them know about the money available to them.  

Find out how Opendorse can help you 

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