Opendorse Helps NAIA Athletes

Opendorse is the exclusive NIL partner of the NAIA. This is a big deal. This is what it means for you.

What is NIL?

Your Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) are what you can use to make money for promoting a product or service. You can earn compensation from your NIL right now: social media posts, autographs, appearances, private lessons, video shoutouts, and more.

What is Opendorse?

Opendorse is the app that helps you build and monetize your NIL value. It’s the platform that allows you to connect with brands and fans to make money from endorsement deals.

What Does this Partnership Mean?

  • You have a single platform to browse and book deals
  • You’ll be safe with compliance by automatically disclosing your NIL activities
  • You have access to educational resources, webinars, and best practices
  • You’ll get a full NIL assessment, including how much you could make for social media posts
  • NIL resources will be available at the PlayNAIA Eligibility Center and sent directly to you through email

NAIA athletes are already cashing in on NIL and now it’s your turn. Opendorse is here to help.

What are the NIL Rules?

NIL rules are set by 1) your state’s law, 2) NAIA guidelines, and 3) your school’s policy. You need to follow each set of rules. Here are four steps to stay safe:

  1. Ask your athletic director about your state law. Opendorse will provide your school with resources so they can help you effectively.
  2. Ask your athletic director about your school’s NIL policy. Are there things you need to stay away from?
  3. You must do a compliant NIL activity to make money. It’s called “quid pro quo.”
  4. You must disclose deals to your athletic director. The Opendorse Disclosure feature is the best way to do that, and deals completed through Opendorse will be automatically disclosed.

Now What?
Sign up for Opendorse and set up your account. Make sure your Profile includes your sport, social accounts, and a short bio. Make it look nice. Then share your Opendorse Profile on your social media accounts.

Browse Opportunities to apply for partnerships and make yourself available for direct deals.

Follow @opendorse on all social media platforms and read these blogs for more info:

And don’t forget to tell your teammates.