Getting Started on Opendorse

You’re on the Opendorse app. Your account is active. Now what? Follow these five steps to get started and set yourself up for NIL success on Opendorse:

How to Access Your Opendorse Profile

Once you enter the Opendorse app, turn your attention to the top right corner of the screen and you should see your profile picture or a profile icon.

Give that a tap to start updating your profile!

Fully Complete Your Opendorse Profile

Follow the prompts, add photos, connect your social accounts, and securely add your financial information. Don’t settle for anything less than that All-Star badge – five minutes can be the difference between $5 or $5K.

Click here for more information on account setup.

Determine Your Personal Brand and Approach to NIL

Outline your personal goals for your NIL journey. Do you want to focus on a few, select brand partners? Charity and cause-based opportunities? Open to any and all sponsorships? Can you currently handle NIL from a workload and mental health perspective?

Talk to your advisors, review your state law and school policy, then craft a personal brand statement.

Share Your Opendorse Profile on Social Media

Share your Opendorse Profile link. This lets brands and fans know where they can find you to pitch NIL deals.

  • Put your Opendorse Profile link in the bio of your social accounts.
  • Do a weekly round of posts to drive traffic to your profile.
  • Make an IG Stories Highlight showcasing your sponsor content.
  • Don’t delete your sponsored content because potential partners want to see how their activation might look on your feeds.

Click here are five rules for marketing yourself for NIL deals and click here for tips on how to operate like a business.

Reach Out and Connect with Brands

For most student-athletes, NIL opportunities will not just fall out of the sky. It will take some work. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend all day on social media. Based on your personal brand statement, build a strategy for what you can do with a few hours a week. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot with brands.

  • Tag brands you like in your normal posts.
  • DM companies you would like to work with.
  • Reach out to decision-makers at businesses you visit in your everyday life.
  • When you make a connection, refer them back to Opendorse for safety and compliance.

Click here to see what Opendorse recommends to brands and fans in how they connect with athletes for deals.

Explore Opendorse Opportunities

Opendorse Opportunities is a great way to get started exploring NIL deals. The Opportunities board typically has 25-50 high-quality brand deals worth upwards of $10K at a given time.

Click here to see how to apply for a brand deal through Opendorse Opportunities.



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