Tips for Sending Your First Offer on Opendorse

New to Opendorse? With over 100,000 athletes on our platform, the possibilities are endless!   

Sending offers to athletes is a great way to directly support and make a positive impact on their lives. While some college athletes are getting their education and other costs paid for, the reality is that many of them have other costs at home. With so much time devoted to practice and school, there is little time left to earn funds to help cover them or their families.   

Whether you’re looking to send your first offer on Opendorse, or you’ve just sent one, here are a few important things to know:

  1. The offer you send will be seen directly by the athlete, so include as many details as possible. (Include the 5 W’s- What, Why, When, Where, Who)  
  1. After you send an offer, use the chat feature to communicate directly with the athlete. You can provide additional details or ask the athlete questions. 
  1. If an athlete doesn’t take action on your offer within 14 days, you will have credits available in Opendorse to send another offer. If you don’t wish to use the credits, you can contact for a full refund.  
  1. We recommend you add a profile picture to your account so the athlete sees a face along with your name. Forming a more personal connection helps get your offer accepted. 



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