Golf’s 2019 Social Leaderboard

Golf’s greatest week is finally here. As the players take the course at Augusta, we’re checking out the game’s top performers on social.

Since 2017, the world’s top golfers have blown up across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With help from their partners at PGA TOUR, players are sharing more content and engaging their fans at a record rate. Over that two-plus year period, players have driven over 200 million video views and added more than ten million new followers.

With the success of the TOUR’s #LiveUnderPar campaign and player-driven social strategy, there’s no slowing down in sight. While the biggest names in the game are driving value for themselves and their partners, golf’s up-and-comers are equally bought-in on building their brands.

Even longtime social-holdout Phil Mickelson has joined the party. While treated video and graphics have become a norm in athlete-driven social, Phil stands out with his authentic brand of humor and impromptu lessons. He’s new to the scene, but rapidly catching up with perennial engagement and audience leaders like Tiger and Rory McIlroy.

In the full report available below, we measure the top golfers in each social performance category to find the strongest social brands in the game.

Golf’s 2019 social leaderboard

Below is our analysis of the top golfers on social media. The ranking includes data for the top 20 ranked players, measuring their individual activity, audience, engagement, and growth on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from January 1, 2019 to April 3, 2019.

Total Audience

Total Engagements

Total Growth



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